The Major Difference: Wedding Cinematography and Videography

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Wedding captures hold a special place in a couple’s heart. Both, groom and the bride wishes to cherish each moment of their coming together forever.

From shooting pre-wedding pictures to capturing the small moments of happiness throughout the wedding events have become a must in the recent times.

Are you searching for someone who is good at it, but confused with the terms like wedding videography and wedding cinematography while searching online? Are you thinking, if both the terms hold similar meaning or are they different?

Then, this article will be of great help to you. Learn the difference between the two terminologies, the wedding videography, and the wedding cinematography.

Wedding Cinematography

Wedding cinematography is an art form blended with creative storytelling. It is like filling a blank canvas with shades of various colors from the moments encountered.

The cinematographers are some of the best storytellers who can set the right tone for the video and weave magically wonderful introduction and a climax of the wedding film. They capture a moment from various creative angles to give it a certain perspective and strum the heartstrings of the people viewing it.

Whether capturing an emotional father-daughter moment or the beautiful bride sharing a smile looking at her groom, the good wedding cinematographer weaves a story from each moment and creates a fairy-tale wedding movie out of it.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is a common one which does not involve much of creativity. With a smartphone in hand, nowadays, everyone turns a videographer.

But a professional one uses a typical video camera and keeps it rolling and moving around to capture any random picture of the couple and the ceremonies going side by side.

There is no storytelling involved in videography process and neither there can be any inputs while editing the video. There is no emotional connect which can be seen in the cinematic wedding videos and the wedding videography is also cheaper than wedding cinematography.